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C4N Doctoral theses



Lars Costers

An MEG investigation into working menory impairement in multiple sclerosis (Promoters: G. Nagels & J. Van Schependom)


An Buckinx

From cellular excitotoxicity to the epileptic brain: A new understanding of ghrelin receptor modulation for combatting hyperexcitability (Promoters: I. Smolders, D. De Bundel, & R. Kooijman)


Sander De Groote 

Spinal cord stimulation alters the human brain. Cerebral Magnetic Resonance investigation of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome patients treated with Spinal Cord Stimulation: a structural and functional evaluation (Promoters: M. Moens, L. Goudman, & P. Van Schuerbeek)




Anja Flamez

Low frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for the treatment of dyskinesias in Parkinson's disease (Promoter: C. Baeken; Co-promoter: Jacques Dekeyzer)


Anouk Pierre

A scavenger hunt towards a better understanding of the involvement of ghrelin receptor signaling in emotion regulation (Promoter: D. De Bundel; Co-promoter: I. Smolders)


Tatjana Reynders

The role of the gut microbiota and the autonomic nervous system in multiple sclerosis (Promoters: M. B. D’hooghe & J. De Keyser)


Hui Wang

Improve radioresponse by targeting redox homeostasis: defeat the enemy by breaking the balance (Promoters Mark De Ridder & Heng Jiang)


Stéphanie Hostenbach

Astrocytic endothelin-1 and cerebral hypoperfusion in multiple sclerosis (Promoters: R. Kooijman, M. D’haeseleer, & J. De Keyser)




Melissa Cambron

Fluoxetine in Multiple Sclerosis (Promoters: G. Laureys & P. in’t Veld; Co-Promoters: A. Massie & J. Debruyne)


Laura Légat 

The role of brain AT1 and AT2 receptors in the central regulation of blood pressure: interaction with  glutamate, GABA and NO (Promoters: A. Dupont & I. Smolders)


Laura Vandervore

Functional characterization of genes involved in the development of the human brain (Promoters: A. Jansen, K. Stouffs, G. Mancini, & A. Gheldof)


Nina Lefeber

Exercise Intensity of Assisted Walking After Stroke. The impact of Robotic Assistance (Promoters: E. Kerckhofs & E. Swinnen)




Joeri Van Liefferinge

Vesicular and non-vesicular astrocytic glutamate release in temporal lobe epilepsy (Promoters: A. Massie & I. Smolders)


Yannick Van Wanseele

Miniaturized UHPLC-MS/MS for the in vivo quantification of neuropeptides in microdialysis samples - Strategies to increase method sensitivity (Promoters: A. Van Eeckhaut & I. Smolders)


Jeroen Gielen

MRI Measures in the Assessment of Cognitive Function in MS (Promoters: G. Nagels, M. D'hooghe, & J. Van Schependom)


Stephanie Vanclooster

School reintegration of childhood brain tumor survivors: A qualitative study as step towards policy recommendations (Promoters: A. Jansen, J. Bilsen, & L. Peremans)


An De Prins

Development and biological evaluation of neuromedin U analogs as tools for functional elucidation: focus on stress-related disorders (Promoters: I. Smolders, S. Ballet, A. Van Eeckhaut, D. De Bundel, & V. Caveliers)


Laura Walrave

Connexin43 hemichannels as druggable targets for future anti-seizure medication (Promoters: I. Smolders, M. Vinken, & L. Leybaert)


Daniela Herzog

The role of left hemispheric laterality in stress related mental health (Promoters: C. Baeken & Y. Gidron)




Elien Heleven

Neural representations of Persons and their Traits in the mPFC (Promoter: F. Van Overwalle)


Ceylan Ozdem

The Overlap Between Social Mentalizing and Attentional Reorienting : The role of the temporoparietal junction (Promoter: F. Van Overwalle)


Jorne Laton

To obtain the academic degree of ‘DOCTOR IN MEDICAL SCIENCES’ Machine learning techniques to improve the value of neurophysiological measurements for individual patients (Promoters: G. Nagels & J. Van Schependom)




Thomas Demuyser

Missing pieces to a gloomy jigsaw: Glutamate transporters in the depressive state (Promoters: I. Smolders & A. Massie)


Kobe Desender

Metacognition and cognitive control (Promoters: E. Van den Bussche & F. Van Opstal)


Eduard Bentea

Targeting the cystine/glutamate antiporter for neuroprotection: insights from mouse models of Parkinson’s disease (Promoters: A. Massie & I. Smolders)


Hadewych Halewyck

Analysis of poliovirus with capillary electrophoresis (Promoters: Y. Vander Heyden, B. Rombaut, & B. Thys)


Agnes Arrey

Experiences of sub-Saharan African Migrant Women Living and Aging with HIV/AIDS in Belgium: an ethnographic study (Promoters: R. Deschepper & J. Bilsen)


Laetitia Yperzeele

Prehospital diagnostics for improvement of acute stroke care (Promoters: R. Brouns & J. De Keyser)


Peter Van Schuerbeek

The influence of harm avoidance on the female brain: a structural and functional neuroimaging study (Promoters: C. Baeken, & J. De Mey)


Stephanie Du Four

The bidirectional link between tumor angiogenesis and immunity (Promoters: J. Aerts, K. Thielemans, & B. Neyns)




Jolien Van Schoors

UHPLC with electrochemical detection for in vivo monoamine measurements – the quest for selectivity, sensitivity and throughput (Promoters: A. Van Eeckhaut & I. Smolders)


Sarah Herremans

The neurobiological impact of high frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on alcohol craving in alcohol-dependent patients (Promoter: C. Baeken)


Lise Schotte

Single-domain antibody fragments against poliovirus: mechanisms of neutralization and use in research and eradication (Promoters: J.M. Hogle, A. Massie, B. Thys, & M. Strauss)


Ann De Smedt

Neuroprotection in Ischemic Stroke by Systemic Insulin-like Growth Factor I (Promoters: J. De Keyser & R. Kooijman)


Véronique Bissay

Clinical spectrum of SCN4A-associated skeletal muscle channelopathies (Promoters: J. De Keyser & P.T. Brugada)

Sofie Brouwers 

The AT2-receptor: role in central regulation of blood pressure and renal hemodynamics (Promoters: A. Dupont, I. Smolders, & R. Wainford)


Jeroen Van Schependom

Cognitive impairment in Multiple Sclerosis Statistical and neurophysiological aspects (Promoters: G. Nagels, J. De Keyser, M. D'hooghe, & M-C. Haelewyck)


Katrien Maes

Nano UHPLC-ESI-MS/MS optimizations for the in vivo monitoring of possible anticonvulsant neuromedin-like peptides in microdialysates (Promoters: I. Smolders, A. Van Eeckhaut, & Y. Michotte)


Marijke De Couck

The role of the vagus nerve in cancer (Promoter: Y. Gidron)


Sylvie De Raedt

Autonomic dysfunction in acute ischemic stroke (Promoter: J. De Keyser)




Guy Laureys

Astrocytic beta2-adrenergic receptors as regulators of neuroinflammation and brain energetic homeostasis (Promoters: J. De Keyser & R. Kooijman)


Seyede Ghazal Mohades

Advanced MRI of bilingualism-related differences in brain development (Promoters: C. Baeken & P. Van de Craen)


Laurens Van der Cruyssen

Beyond the individual: How the brain reacts to social categories (Promoter: F. Van Overwalle)


Varcin Mustafa

Oxidative stress, PINK1 and neuroprotection in experimental models of Parkinson’s disease (Promoters: Y. Michotte & S. Sarre)


Najat Aourz

Targeting somatostatin receptor subtypes and glycogen synthase kinase-3 in acute seizure models and a kindling model of epilepsy (Promoters: I. Smolders & Y. Michotte)


Kevin De Pauw

Post-exercise recovery: impact on cycling performance and brain functioning. Cycling, recovery and the brain. (Promoters: R. Meeusen & B. Roelands)


Eva Swinnen

Neurological gait rehabilitation: the influence of walking speed, body weight support and robot-assistance on the trunk (Promoters: E. Kerckhofs & J-P. Baeyens)




Maarten Moens 

Functional neuroimaging in patients with failed back surgery syndrome treated with spinal cord stimulator (Promoters: J. Poelaert, B. Nuttin, S. Droogmans, & S. Sunaert)


Esli Struys

Functional and stuctural plasticity in the bilingual brain (Promoter: P. Van de Craen)


Miguel D'Haeseleer

Cerebral hypoperfusion in multiple sclerosis. The road to a new therapeutic approach? (Promoter: J. De Keyser)


Robbert-Jan Van Hooff

Improvement of acute stroke care by application of telemedic (Promoters: R. Brouns & J. De Keyser)


Tine Zgavc

Neuroprotection by short mild hypothermia in experimental transient focal cerebral ischemia (Promoters: Y. Michotte, S. Sarre, S. Hachimi-Idrissi, & R. Kooijman)


Marc Degelaen

Influence of postural control during gait in children with cerebral palsy (E. Kerckhofs, L. De Meirleir, & B. Dan)





Deborah De Geyter

The effects of systemic administration of the insulin-like growth factor-I in a rat model for ischemic stroke (Promoters: R. Kooijman, Y. Michotte, & J. De Keyser)


Davide Quarta

In vivo neurochemical correlates of rewarding, reinforcing and incentive properties of the neuropeptides ghrelin, orexins and neuropeptide Y on the mesocorticolimbic dopamine pathway (Promoters: I. Smolders & L. Caberlotto)


Ellen Loyens

The role of insulin-regulated aminopeptidase and its substrates in mechanisms of epilepsy and antidepressant-like activity (Promoters: I. Smolders, Y. Michotte, & P. Vanderheyden)


Jeanelle Portelli

Hippocampal neuropeptides and their receptors as neurobiological targets in preclinical pharmacological drug development for limbic epilepsy (Promoters: I. Smolders & Y. Michotte)


Katia Vermoesen

Evaluation of the convulsant liabilityand antiepileptogenic properties of antidepressants (Promoters: R. Clinckers, I. Smolders, & A. Massie)


Nasar Shraim

Intracerebral Microdialysis as a Tool to Investigate the Blood-Brain Barrier Passage and Brain Pharmacokinetics of Drug Substances (Promoters: A. Van Eeckhaut, R. Clinckers, & Y. Michotte)


Jochen Vandenbossche

Freezing of gait in Parkinson’s disease: more than a movement dysfunction. Deficits in automatic and controlled cognitive processes (Promoters: N. Deroost, E. Kerckhofs, & E. Soetens)


Marie D'Hooghe

Factors associated with disability progression in multiple sclerosis (Promoters: J. De Keyser, P. Haentjens, & G. Nagels)




Bert Thys

New antiviral tools targeting the capsid of poliovirus for use in late stage poliomyelitis eradication strategies (Promoter: B. Rombaut)