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C4N Doctoral theses



Laura Légat 

The role of brain AT1 and AT2 receptors in the central regulation of blood pressure: interaction with  glutamate, GABA and NO (Promoters: A. Dupont & I. Smolders)


Laura Vandervore

Functional characterization of genes involved in the development of the human brain (Promoters: A. Jansen, K. Stouffs, G. Mancini, A. Gheldof)


Nina Lefeber

Exercise Intensity of Assisted Walking After Stroke. The impact of Robotic Assistance (Promoters: E. Kerckhofs & E. Swinnen)




Joeri Van Liefferinge

Vesicular and non-vesicular astrocytic glutamate release in temporal lobe epilepsy (Promoters: A. Massie & I. Smolders)


Yannick Van Wanseele

Miniaturized UHPLC-MS/MS for the in vivo quantification of neuropeptides in microdialysis samples - Strategies to increase method sensitivity (Promoters: A. Van Eeckhaut & I. Smolders)


Jeroen Gielen

MRI Measures in the Assessment of Cognitive Function in MS (Promoters: G. Nagels, M. D'hooghe, J. Van Schependom)


Stephanie Vanclooster

School reintegration of childhood brain tumor survivors: A qualitative study as step towards policy recommendations (Promoters: A. Jansen, J. Bilsen, L. Peremans)


An De Prins

Development and biological evaluation of neuromedin U analogs as tools for functional elucidation: focus on stress-related disorders (Promoters: I. Smolders, S. Ballet, A. Van Eeckhaut, D. De Bundel, V. Caveliers)


Laura Walrave

Connexin43 hemichannels as druggable targets for future anti-seizure medication (Promoters: I. Smolders, M. Vinken, L. Leybaert)


Daniela Herzog

The role of left hemispheric laterality in stress related mental health (Promoters: C. Baeken, Y. Gidron)




Jorne Laton

To obtain the academic degree of ‘DOCTOR IN MEDICAL SCIENCES’ Machine learning techniques to improve the value of neurophysiological measurements for individual patients (Promoters: G. Nagels & J. Van Schependom)




Kobe Desender

Metacognition and cognitive control (Promoters: E. Van den Bussche & F. Van Opstal)


Eduard Bentea

Targeting the cystine/glutamate antiporter for neuroprotection: insights from mouse models of Parkinson’s disease (Promoters: A. Massie & I. Smolders)


Hadewych Halewyck

Analysis of poliovirus with capillary electrophoresis (Promoters: Y. Vander Heyden, B. Rombaut, B. Thys)


Agnes Arrey

Experiences of sub-Saharan African Migrant Women Living and Aging with HIV/AIDS in Belgium: an ethnographic study (Promoters: R. Deschepper & J. Bilsen)


Laetitia Yperzeele

Prehospital diagnostics for improvement of acute stroke care (Promoters: R. Brouns & J. De Keyser)


Peter Van Schuerbeek

The influence of harm avoidance on the female brain: a structural and functional neuroimaging study (Promoters: C. Baeken, J. De Mey)


Stephanie Du Four

The bidirectional link between tumor angiogenesis and immunity (Promoters: J. Aerts, K. Thielemans, B. Neyns)




Jolien Van Schoors

UHPLC with electrochemical detection for in vivo monoamine measurements – the quest for selectivity, sensitivity and throughput (Promoters: A. Van Eeckhaut & I. Smolders)


Sarah Herremans

The neurobiological impact of high frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on alcohol craving in alcohol-dependent patients (Promoter: C. Baeken)


Lise Schotte

Single-domain antibody fragments against poliovirus: mechanisms of neutralization and use in research and eradication (Promoters: J.M. Hogle, A. Massie, B. Thys, M. Strauss)


Ann De Smedt

Neuroprotection in Ischemic Stroke by Systemic Insulin-like Growth Factor I (Promoters: J. De Keyser & R. Kooijman)


Véronique Bissay

Clinical spectrum of SCN4A-associated skeletal muscle channelopathies (Promoters: J. De Keyser & P.T. Brugada)

Sofie Brouwers 

The AT2-receptor: role in central regulation of blood pressure and renal hemodynamics (Promoters: A. Dupont, I. Smolders, R. Wainford)


Jeroen Van Schependom

Cognitive impairment in Multiple Sclerosis Statistical and neurophysiological aspects (Promoters: G. Nagels, J. De Keyser, M. D'hooghe, M-C. Haelewyck)


Katrien Maes

Nano UHPLC-ESI-MS/MS optimizations for the in vivo monitoring of possible anticonvulsant neuromedin-like peptides in microdialysates (Promoters: I. Smolders, A. Van Eeckhaut, Y. Michotte)


Marijke De Couck

The role of the vagus nerve in cancer (Promoter: Y. Gidron)


Sylvie De Raedt

Autonomic dysfunction in acute ischemic stroke (Promoter: J. De Keyser)




Guy Laureys

Astrocytic beta2-adrenergic receptors as regulators of neuroinflammation and brain energetic homeostasis (Promoters: J. De Keyser & R. Kooijman)


Seyede Ghazal Mohades

Advanced MRI of bilingualism-related differences in brain development (Promoters: C. Baeken & P. Van de Craen)


Laurens Van der Cruyssen

Beyond the individual: How the brain reacts to social categories (Promoter: F. Van Overwalle)


Varcin Mustafa

Oxidative stress, PINK1 and neuroprotection in experimental models of Parkinson’s disease (Promoters: Y. Michotte & S. Sarre)


Najat Aourz

Targeting somatostatin receptor subtypes and glycogen synthase kinase-3 in acute seizure models and a kindling model of epilepsy (Promoters: I. Smolders & Y. Michotte)


Kevin De Pauw

Post-exercise recovery: impact on cycling performance and brain functioning. Cycling, recovery and the brain. (Promoters: R. Meeusen & B. Roelands)


Eva Swinnen

Neurological gait rehabilitation: the influence of walking speed, body weight support and robot-assistance on the trunk (Promoters: E. Kerckhofs & J-P. Baeyens)




Maarten Moens 

Functional neuroimaging in patients with failed back surgery syndrome treated with spinal cord stimulator (Promoters: J. Poelaert, B. Nuttin, S. Droogmans, S. Sunaert)


Esli Struys

Functional and stuctural plasticity in the bilingual brain (Promoter: P. Van de Craen)


Miguel D'Haeseleer

Cerebral hypoperfusion in multiple sclerosis. The road to a new therapeutic approach? (Promoter: J. De Keyser)


Robbert-Jan Van Hooff

Improvement of acute stroke care by application of telemedic (Promoters: R. Brouns & J. De Keyser)


Tine Zgavc

Neuroprotection by short mild hypothermia in experimental transient focal cerebral ischemia (Promoters: Y. Michotte, S. Sarre, S. Hachimi-Idrissi, R. Kooijman)


Marc Degelaen

Influence of postural control during gait in children with cerebral palsy (E. Kerckhofs, L. De Meirleir, B. Dan)





Deborah De Geyter

The effects of systemic administration of the insulin-like growth factor-I in a rat model for ischemic stroke (Promoters: R. Kooijman, Y. Michotte, J. De Keyser)


Davide Quarta

In vivo neurochemical correlates of rewarding, reinforcing and incentive properties of the neuropeptides ghrelin, orexins and neuropeptide Y on the mesocorticolimbic dopamine pathway (Promoters: I. Smolders & L. Caberlotto)


Ellen Loyens

The role of insulin-regulated aminopeptidase and its substrates in mechanisms of epilepsy and antidepressant-like activity (Promoters: I. Smolders, Y. Michotte, P. Vanderheyden)


Jeanelle Portelli

Hippocampal neuropeptides and their receptors as neurobiological targets in preclinical pharmacological drug development for limbic epilepsy (Promoters: I. Smolders & Y. Michotte)


Katia Vermoesen

Evaluation of the convulsant liabilityand antiepileptogenic properties of antidepressants (Promoters: R. Clinckers, I. Smolders, A. Massie)


Nasar Shraim

Intracerebral Microdialysis as a Tool to Investigate the Blood-Brain Barrier Passage and Brain Pharmacokinetics of Drug Substances (Promoters: A. Van Eeckhaut, R. Clinckers, Y. Michotte)


Jochen Vandenbossche

Freezing of gait in Parkinson’s disease: more than a movement dysfunction. Deficits in automatic and controlled cognitive processes (Promoters: N. Deroost, E. Kerckhofs, E. Soetens)


Marie D'Hooghe

Factors associated with disability progression in multiple sclerosis (Promoters: J. De Keyser, P. Haentjens, G. Nagels)




Bert Thys

New antiviral tools targeting the capsid of poliovirus for use in late stage poliomyelitis eradication strategies (Promoter: B. Rombaut)