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The Mental Health and Wellbeing Research Group (MENT) conducts primarily social scientific research (quantitative-epidemiological as well as qualitative) in the field of mental health and general well-being, clearly starting from a holistic bio-psycho-social health / disease model. A broad range of relevant topics related to mental health and wellbeing in these various fields and populations can be studied, such as: depression, anxiety, addiction, suicide, sexuality, burnout, stress, happiness, pain, life, self-determination and dependency, stigma, etc … The research can be quite varied in nature, but it has always the same finality in mind: scientific insight in and promoting the mental health and well-being (as defined by the WHO) of populations.

Within the Center for Neurosciences (C4N) the Mental Health and Wellbeing Research Group (MENT), as part of the section “Behavior & Cognition and Health Impact”, will predominantly contribute to the epidemiological and psycho-social aspects of the mainly basic and clinical (neuro)scientific research of the other members.