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eric kerckhofs

Eric Kerckhofs

Director C4N, Directors


Eric Kerckhofs obtained a PhD in Motor Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy and a master in Clinical Psychology both at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He is full professor at the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy at that same university and is responsible for teaching and research in the domains of neurological rehabilitation and rehabilitation psychology. He is head of the research unit Rehabilitation Research-NEURO and is one of the directors of the Center for Neurosciences of VUB coordinating the department ‘Brain, Cognition and Health Impact’. Actually, he also is the dean of the faculty. One of his research interests is on cognitive dysfunctions in patients with Parkinson’s disease in collaboration with prof. N. Deroost of the research group Clinical-experimental psychology at VUB. Research in the field of rehabilitation psychology is conducted in collaboration with prof. C. Lafosse of the RevArte Rehabilitation Hospital (Antwerp). A growing research domain is robot-assisted gait training in patients with central neurological disorders, which is framed within the VUB consortium BruBotics, encompassing eight research group working on robotics.