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Understanding how consumers think and feel is crucial for developing effective marketing strategies and for making accurate predictions about consumers’ behavior. Our team focuses on different aspects of consumer decision-making and the customer experience through a multimethodological approach. Our team infuses neuroscience while studying, for example, retail and service design, advertising strategies, consumer psychology, and the impact of new technologies in retail and services. We currently have ongoing projects on a broad range of topics, including: the neural markers of optimal pricing and the willingness to pay, the effectiveness of advertising strategies and marketing communication, also specifically regarding social marketing, the impact of environmental variables such as color and light on buying behavior, the impact of digital communication on the in-store shopping experience, as well as the use of AR and VR technology in marketing. Overall, the output of our research provides insights about how the different components of the marketing mix affect the decision-making of consumers in both online and offline settings.


Malaika Brengman

Timothy Desmet

C4N researchers:

Nanouk Verhulst

Davide Rigoni